Blog: Handmade Leathergoods Community vs. Large Factory Products

What are your thoughts on large factory produced products vs. small Handmade Maker-shop leather accessories?

I have over 15 years of outsourcing product to large factories and have seen many of the 'tricks of the trade' by large factories, especially in Asia.  This is why I decided to start my own company making leather belts and other accessories on my own....this way I know that I am retailing high-quality products!

Most large factories make production in large numbers and in my opinion don't care about the individual customer, they only care about fulfilling the Purchase Order (PO),  as opposed to small shop that care about getting every order correct.  Most of us don't have the cushion to not care and produce an inferior product line.  We prefer to fix and can fix any issues fast and with a personal connection to our customers.

Plus, with most large factories being so far away, is it really worth making product overseas? 

Many of us Makers cherish every order we get because we know you have many options to choose from, and to select us to make you a high-quality item is a blessing.

What are your thoughts about Maker-shops vs. Factory produced items?