The Brullen® Company

Find a great selection of high-quality handmade leather belts & wallets for both Men and Women.

Crafted in Gilroy, California U.S.A.

~About The Brullen® Company~

disillusioned by the poor quality products found in high-end “designer” stores, the Brullen Company was founded in 2014 to serve customers who are seeking genuine high-quality, hand-made American craftsmanship. We make custom wallets and belts for people that are looking for something special. Each item is crafted one at a time to create a unique look and feel. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality while maintaining a handcrafted aesthetic. We also offer our standard line of wallets and belts.

The Brullen Co. is located in Gilroy, California—a “community with a spice for life” and home of the world-famous Gilroy Garlic Festival. Each Brullen product is a reflection of the diverse cultural influences of the area: from Gilroy’s own small-town charms to the high-tech innovation of Silicon Valley, the urban sophistication of San Francisco, and the laid-back luxury of Monterey and the Central Coast.

We strive to exceed expectations with every creation and provide an unparalleled customer experience. Trust us to create something unique for you!