Brullen Company:  Product Care

Preventive Care

Take care of your accessories and you will enjoy then for many years to come.  

We've designed our product under the highest of quality standards for two reasons; so you, our valued customer can be satisfied with your purchase for many years and so we don't have upset or bother you with returns or exchanges.

In order to do this we need your help.  Use these products as they were intended to be used. For example a wallet that is designed to hold 8 cards will wear faster and possibly reduce the life of the product if 16 cards are used.  By doing so the stitching will be stressed, this increases the stress concentration which will cause breaks or tears.   Don't misuse the product as Brullen LLC will not be responsible for abused product. Please visit our Warranty page to see what is covered and what will not. 

We acknowledge there may be some instances where unexpected events happen that can cause damage to your purchase.  Here are some tips you can use to keep your purchase looking sharp for many years to come. 


The leather and materials used to craft your Brullen goods are natural products sourced using the some of the best leathers we can find in the U.S.   Leather is organic which means it's not perfect and colors due vary due to they type of leather.  Different parts of the hide absorb and show color with variation even if the same color was used.  There may some wrinkles or some small surface irregularities that are normal when using real leather.  Since we will not use low quality leathers our product may have some slight imperfections....we use genuine leather.  Oil from your hands and even the PH balance of a person can change the color of leather as well as external elements such as heat, humidity and placing your item on a soiled or wet surface.  When not in use we recommend you store your items in their original packaging.

Always test any cleaning method in a hidden area first. Never use saddle soap, oils, hairdryers, abrasive cleaners, furniture polish, varnish or ammonia.

For some oiled leather, a surface scratch or bruise can be fixed as easlily as rubbing the affected area with a soft, dry white cloth.

If you scratch the surface where visible surface damage has occurred we recommend you take your item to a cobbler or a leather repair expert that can fix or minimize the damage. 


Fabrics much like leathers need to be cared for.  Fabrics tend to pick up dust, dirt and liquids which make them at times more difficult to keep clean and presentable. Sun/UV exposure can also do damage to fabrics in both strength and color fastness.  When not in use we recommend you store your items in their original packaging.

If necessary, spot-clean with a damp white cloth and a small amount of mild soap. As with any cotton product, if canvas is repeatedly exposed to direct sunlight, a softening of color may occur. For stains, oil-based spots and spills, follow the instructions below.

Do not throw your product into a washing machine or use Clorox or any other strong fabric cleaning agent........this will definitely ruin your purchase.


Hardware takes a beating and this is why we use thick and durable coating so you will not have to worry.  Unfortunately, scratches, wear and tear are inevitable.... 

Keep your hardware clean with clean a soft cloth.  Clean only when necessary and avoid using silverware polish or anything similar.  Also, don't expose fabric and leathers to harsh chemicals that can cause them to degrade.